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COVID-19. It changed the way we work. Broke paradigms that were already set. Many believe they were even obsolete. Other have seen this event as merely a stepping stone. The answer may probably lay somewhere in between. The truth is that we’re seen a new reality. And there’s only one way of facing this new reality and we call it AAA:

Adapt, Adjust, Accelerate


This new way in web development solutions is the core of our project. Just as there will be a “new normal” as some people say, we have implemented a new way of offering you a specialized service; innovative, efficient, creative and cost-efficient, all circling around a new axis: time.

Our plans are structured using TIME as the main factor, so that you can obtain satisfactory results without the long wait that you were probably used to in the world of web development.



Luis Checo

Joel Cabral

We are two people who, like you, have been impacted by this change. We have identified an opportunity to adapt the way we have worked so far in web development, and we have made it our own in order to bring it to you. We have more than 10 years of web development experience between us and a wide portfolio of satisfied clients. Now, oneWAYup Designs and Nubesoft Dominicana come together to collaborate on a new way of doing our thing, so that we can contribute even more efficiently and make a difference in this new normal.


Basic Website

Your first step to a web presence. Includes sections such as Home, About, Services, Contact, among others.

Website Redesign

We take our premium tools and overhaul your website in order for it to look fresh and modern on ALL devices.

Appointments Platform

Efficient online appointment-managing platform one or more employees, with automatic Gmail and Calendar integration.

Online Store

Online store configuration based on WooCommere, so that you can have a wider customer reach and increased sales for your business.

Landing Page

Your ideal solution if you need a page oriented to convert products and services into sales that give your brand or business a boost.

Website Optimization

Using our tools and years of experience, we optimize every aspect of your website, from size to speed, so that users have a satisfying experience when browsing.


Advanced English/Spanish translation system, with flawless writing. It's implemented in a intuitive way and by adding this feature you will be expanding to other markets.

Advanced Security

On average, 30,000 websites are hacked every day. With this service, we add different layers of security to your website so that this doesn't happen to you.

Google Analytics

Reports system with everything that happens on your website and the traffic you receive every day, so that you can analyze the information and make relevant decisions about your audience.

Google Ads

Give your business a boost! Using one of the most powerful platforms for advertising and reaching thousands of users.


Advanced, safe and fast hosting service for your website. A good hosting provider is the first good decision you can make.

Basic SEO

SEO configuration in order for your website to have good presence and rating in search engines such as Google, Bing, and others.


web development

We use an innovative web development system based on days, and not the cost of the project. Depending on the needs you have, we determine the most appropriate package through a series of analyzes carried out beforehand and we fit your project into one of these three packages:

7 days to complete and deliver your project. This package is usually attractive for people looking to redesign their website or create a basic website for which they have all the content they want to add to it on hand.

14 days to complete and deliver your project. This package is usually requested for an intermediate website or redesign, with more than 2 or 3 extra services, such as Google Analytics, plus Web Optimization, and Advanced Security.

This package is ideal for advanced websites that want maximum security, speed, translations, and others. You can include all the services we offer if you wish, and they will all be working for you in no more than three weeks.


These days everyone can have access to web development tools, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they may use them well.

We know what we do. Not just the part that the user sees (front-end) but also the things behind the curtain (back-wen.) We invite you to see for yourself and compare our website’s performance with others and see the difference. You may do it by visiting gtmetrix.com, just type the website and click on “Analyze.”


We have prepared the form below in order for you to tell us what are your needs and, based on this information, we will determine the package that best suits you and then we will send you a quote.


If you’re still not decided and want to know more about us, you can write to our email below or use the social media and WhatsApp links to connect with us.